My pursuit of photography began growing up in a small town in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York.  Mountains, streams, Canadian geese, and kids playing hockey on a frozen pond were valuable images deserving of photography.  After saving enough money delivering papers, I bought my first camera: a used 1972 Nikon F2.  Seeing the world through a camera sparked both my imagination and quest to take beautiful photographs.  After eight years of practice and use, my first camera was stolen at an airport.

During my college years, I couldn’t afford to just pick up another camera.  I put photography on hold for about six years.  When I began working in event planning that required frequent travel, I felt compelled to photograph the people and places I encountered on the road.  For my birthday, my wife gave me a Nikon N80 and the addiction was back in full swing.

Luckily, the birth of our first child and the introduction of the Digital SLR came at the same time, mostly because of the potential processing costs for 8,000+ pictures I had taken of my son during his first two years of life.  My quest for the perfect picture of him evolved into a pursuit of taking photographs of his friends, our friends’ kids, my tennis team, softball games, countless gatherings with friends and beyond.

I now live in Woodstock, Georgia with my wife, son and daughter, and my love for photography has never been stronger.  With photographs appearing in Architectural Digest, PEACH, Atlanta, Traditional Home, Veranda, Florida Design and becoming‘s Atlanta preferred photographer and worldwide trainer, I have achieved my childhood dream. By 2012, I had photographed more than 2,000 homes, with a combined valued over $600 million for more than 25 different agents, which accelerated their sales and referrals during a historically difficult market. At the same time, I photographed more than 15,000 pieces of one-of-a-kind art, furniture and antiques for Atlanta’s most sought after dealers and designers with a combined value of more than $78 million.

Over time, the subject matter may have changed, but I have always strived to capture the spirit of my clients.  Photographing the fine details of their craft, has enabled them to keep longstanding clients and attract new ones.  My obsession is to help clients reveal their treasures and passions through photography and I look forward to moving your work to the next level.