I began the pursuit of being a photographer in small town in southern New York in about the seventh grade.  I think I always saw the beauty of the Hudson Valley and wanted to capture it on film.  The mountains, streams, Canadian geese, and kids playing hockey on the frozen pond to me were all valuable images I wanted to preserve through photographs.  After saving enough money delivering papers, I bought my first real camera: a used 1972 Nikon F2.  Seeing the world through this camera sparked both my imagination and quest to take beautiful pictures.  After eight years of practice and use, my first camera was stolen in an airport.

During my years as a college student, I couldnít afford to just pick up another camera.  I put photography on hold for about six years.  Once I started traveling for work, I was compelled to start photographing some of the people & places I encountered on the road.  For my birthday, my wife gave me a Nikon N80 and the addiction was back in full swing.

Happily, the birth of our first child and the introduction of the Digital SLR came at the same time, largely because I donít even want to think about what the processing bill would have been for the 8,000 some-odd pictures I have taken of my son in his first two years of life.  My pursuit for the perfect picture of him evolved into taking perfect pictures of all his friends, then our friendís kids and then of my tennis team, a soft ball game, countless gatherings with friends and, well, you get the point.

Now, I live in Canton, Georgia with my wife, son  and daughter.  At 36, together with a growing family and a stronger than ever love for photography, I feel my life has just started to take off.  With photographs appearing in Architectural Digest, PEACH Atlanta, Traditional Home, Veranda magazines and becoming 1stDibs.com's Atlanta photographer, I am busier than ever and loving it.  Although the images have changed, now more than ever I find myself behind the camera to capture and preserve treasured moments of people and places through pictures.

My hope is to take photographs of you, your children or your business that you and their grandchildren will cherish for years to come.  My goal is to simply take great pictures that will find their way into a frame and onto you or your loved oneís mantle.

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